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What are Concrete Overlay's?

Concrete overlay is the process of applying approximately half an inch of polymer modified cement over an existing surface; it can be finished in any of the above mentioned ways. This is an economical way to improve the look of an existing concrete surface.

What are the benefits of concrete landscaping over interlock?

There are many benefits to using custom concrete solutions for landscaping including:

  • No weeds, no ants, simply beautiful looking solid concrete that is easy to clean with minimum maintenance.
  • Easily updated to have a new colour if desired
  • No shifting / settling
  • Around pools there is no sand to be constantly dragged into your pool
  • You can create unique patterers and textures that interlock can not accomplish

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete is the process of removing the top layer of new concrete in order to reveal the decorative aggregates within. It is not only naturally slip resistant, it is also the most durable concrete finish. There are numerous ways of exposing the aggregates in the concrete, for example, chemical, sandblasting and grinding are the most commonly used methods. Depending on the look you want to achieve, each of these methods will expose different levels of aggregates, from a very soft sand finish to a larger stone finish.

What is Hand Finished Concrete?

Hand finished concrete is the process of finishing concrete using various hand tools. Some of the most commonly used finishes for this application are: hard troweled (smooth texture), rosette finish (circular texture) and broom finish (line texture). This option is used when the customer is looking for an economical seamless finish or in conjunction with other finishes.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is the process of pressing decorative impressions into wet concrete using rubber stamps. With stamped concrete there are many designs, textures and colours to choose from. Rowland Concrete uses a Stamped concrete mix which is integrally coloured at the plant, as well as, stains and release agents to color the surface of the concrete.